The Best Dash Cam

A Dash cam is simply an onboard camera attached to a car/vehicle’s interior using two-sided tape or a suction-cup mount. Dash cams are used to continuously record details of the road ahead when the vehicle is in motion or it is being driven on the roadway. Apart from recording weekend trips and holidays, capturing scenic routes and monitoring your employees and the vehicle fleet, the most important benefit of a car camera is that they provide video evidence in case your car is involved in an accident.

Jumping straight to the point, the GW1 is the best of both cost and quality in a dash cam.

The G1W Dash Cam

This is one of the best basic dash cam models in the current market. The features of G1W which makes it the best are;

  • G1W gives you an amazing 1080p video quality, visual and audio recording capability at 30 frames in a second.
  • Only costs between $50-75
  • An accessible 2.7” (inch) screen for instant viewing and playback.
  • It has memory storage of up to 64GB.
  • G1W dash cam has a G-sensor (Incident Detection) that automatically saves the footages of accidents and collisions.
  • It has the ability to automatically start and stop and enables loop recording whereby it records indefinitely without stopping due to lack of storage memory because it has the ability to simply delete the oldest footage.

G1W-C Model

This is another model version that has the same features and functionalities as the G1W.The difference is that G1W-C uses a capacitor as the power source instead of a battery. This feature makes G1W more beneficial since all the problems caused by battery use are avoided especially if you are living in a climate with extreme temperatures.

Desirable Dash Cam Features

There are various types of dash cams available. If you are not very familiar with all the technical terms regarding cameras, then deciding on which dash cam to look for and buy can seem to be difficult more than it actually is. You should first understand that manufacturers put many ad-ons on their dash cams to claim innovative designs and justify higher price tags whereas the essential features are just few in number. If you are looking for the best dashboard camera for your vehicle, there are some essential features and aspects that you need to consider and look for in the cam. Here are the things to take into consideration when looking at dash cams.

  • Video Resolution – A good dash cam should have high-definition recording mainly 1080p for 30 or more frames in a second. With this kind of resolution the dash cam is able to record and clearly show street symbols/signs and license plates when played back. High video resolution will ensure that you get high quality images which do not need any editing for clarity.
  • Automatic start and stop. A good dash cam should be consistent to assure convenience. You should look for a camera with the ability to sense when the vehicle is turned on and then power up and start recording automatically. Additionally, it should stop recording when the car is turned off ensuring that in case you forget to turn it on or off there is recording consistency.
  • Time stamp and date – A dash cam should have a feature to automatically update the time and date of any recording since it is very important in case you need to use any video footage as evidence.
  • Parking mode ability – This is a very important feature for a dash cam since you do not need the video recording only when you are driving. A dash cam with parking mode will enable you to see who damaged your car in your absence because in case it is hit while parked the dash cam will come to life and start recording.
  • Size and color – The best car camera should be small in size but with all required features and functionalities to ensure that it does not occupy much space of the windscreen. The color should also not be distractive and black is advised. A good dashboard camera should be forgotten until it is actually needed.

There are various dash cam models from which you can choose the best dash cam. However, price is a factor for the models depending on their quality and functionality.

Garmin Dash Cam – The Next Best Dashboard Camera

This is another dash cam model which is easy to use with reliable HD driving recorder. Its features include;

  • 720p video quality recording resolution
  • 2.3” (inch) LCD display.
  • It has a 4GB internal memory but accepts up to 32 GB storage memory on micro SD.
  • It has integrated microphone which are able to record the sounds inside your vehicle.
  • It has ability of loop recording.
  • The beneficial aspect of the Garmin dash cam is that it has a legitimate warranty from the manufacturer.

Dash cams are becoming more and more prevalent these days, even in the U.S. They’re used widely throughout other parts of the world, but due to these videos being shared online, a lot of American’s are looking at this handy solution. As popularity grows, there should be increased marketplace competition which means better models for a lower price point.

If you think there are better dash cams out there that we haven’t mentioned here, let everyone know by dropping a comment in the space below.